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Date :   03-22-2016
Time :   9:14PM
Requester:  Hello
Topic  loss

Help me

Please pray for Joeson and Min. Joeson and Min need IMMEDIATE breakthroughs. Pray God will help both and both families in these areas: (a) relationship with Jesus, each other and all (b) all spiritual help possible (c) health and wholeness, they need literal physical healing, and internal healing of the heart (d) time management (e) Bible reading (f) living in the purposes God made them for (g) protection in all things, at all times (h) and pray God will heal Joeson and Min’s broken relationship and separation (3rd time). Min is mentally ill, and deeply wounded from past trauma in younger days, I think that is at least part of why she is mentally ill, trauma and fear. She is afraid to love or let anyone love her, and in fear chases Joeson and everyone away from her. Pray she will stop attacking, falsely accusing and blaming Joeson for things he does not do, and did not do. Pray she will feel a sense of responsibility for her actions, she excuses her very selfish and wrong behaviors. Pray she will stop seeing herself as a victim with the right to hurt people and excuse her wrong ways. Pray God will soften her very hardened wounded heart. Please pray God will help her value Joeson again, and let him in again. Please pray God will heal Min, and heal her relationship with Jesus and with Joeson and her family and his family. Pray God will soften her and help her and Joeson to pray together, and build their relationship all over again on Jesus and prayer and reading and living the Bible. And again, pray God will help Min, Joeson and their families in all these areas listed, and all other areas. Please pray God will bring some immediate breakthroughs in their personal lives and mutually too, and keep the right people in their lives and keep the wrong people out of their lives. Will you please pray for Joeson, Min and both families about all of these details I have listed? They need breakthroughs that ONLY God can give, with each other and in life in general. God has to act. I have sent this without an email address, just asking for prayer, please. Please pray God will immediately help Min and Joeson and both families in all ways possible, and protect them. God bless you. – Please also pray for these things: (A) that God will stop and prevent the violent of the USA and world, and move in their lives to get them into a right place with Jesus and people, and heal them of what is wrong with them (B) that God will give grace and mercy to the USA and world in the elections and all things surrounding them, and all national and global events (C) that God will help the church in USA and world to make prayer a greater part of personal and group gatherings and choices. For houses of prayer. (D) that God will bring those who are not in right relationship with Jesus into right relationship with Him, in a lasting way, in very large numbers in the USA and in the world, everywhere (E) that God will work in Ayad, Belo, San, Victoria, 2 named Maria and Mugsta and deliver them from all addictions and traps that destroy them and cause them to fail in the life God has for them. Pray God will heal and help them in relationship with Jesus, people and life in general, wherever they need help, that God will do it, …now. thanks .

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