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Date :   11-20-2019
Time :   1:13PM
Requester:  anonymous
Topic  Prayer

need for miracles

<p class="MsoNoSpacing"><span style="font-size:12.0pt">Please pray again for Jay and Lima, their kids, grandkids and large, extended families that God will help them in all of these areas now and continuously: (1) in relationships with Jesus, each other and all (2) in God’s calling, purposes, employment and all other areas (3) provisions (4) health, mental health, protection in all things (5) wisdom, strength, time management (6) marital issues (7) for God to bring people into their lives that will actively help them in every area of life (8) that God will move by the Holy Spirit to bring about many needed and other miracles in their lives and even through them for the benefit of others too (9)pray also specifically for all their kids that they will very soon come to know Jesus in a saving way, and that God will quickly deliver them from all things that are not of God in their lives including the wrong people, all drugs, alcohol, unholy relationships, reckless sexual behaviors, anger, blame, chemical imbalances, hypoglycemia, woundedness, disrespect to parents, cruelty and selfishness to parents unwillingness to be wrong or answer to anyone or to change and also from all other things keeping them from being right with God and actively living out His purposes for their lives *** Pray also for me and Belo that God will protect and build our love for Jesus, each other and those He called us to. Pray God will keep us united in everything.&nbsp; Pray relationship with kids will be very loving and peaceful and that all things that cause family strife would be stopped permanently. Pray God will also give us peace at all times, lifelong. Pray God will increase the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. *** Pray God will draw the people of the USA, Argentina, the Islas Malvinas and the world to come to truly KNOW Jesus in a saving way, that our churches will truly be houses of prayer and places where people’s real needs are addressed and helped and that God will move miraculously by the Holy Spirit in us all. Thanks<o:p></o:p></span></p>

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