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Date :   07-22-2017
Time :   9:34PM
Requester:  Sherrie Alston
Topic  Prayer


Good afternoon as I am a firm believer God died on the cross for me . He is a healer. Provider.ECT. I also would love for you to pray for me. I am in eviction status for2600.00 I am in suspension status of my drivers license. My truck is stuck in the shop needs to be repaired. I am currently not working due to resigning from the post office because I was in status of getting fired so I resign before that happened. I look on the responsibility of helping 5 kids out for unstable family member. The kids are back home now and I also behind please I ask of you all to keep me in PRAYERS. I am wishing you can receive this before service tomorrow. Although this is short notice I just would live for a member to come get me for service. I don't even have taxi money to at least make it and try getting a ride back. PlEASE KEEP ME IN PRAYER. SIGNED A CHILD OF GOD. I WILL REST THIS WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AMEN. GOD BLESS ALL

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