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Date :   09-02-2018
Time :   11:11PM
Requester:  Cheryl A Marshall
Topic  Family


I have learned through everything I've been through that everything happens for a reason and Gods plan will always be greater than our own, it's best to trust and follow him through it all because he is my father and will never leave me alone. Lately I've felt very much alone and not so strong. I've been highly depressed and my mind is constantly racing. I'm not sleeping much and I'm worrying often. I have 7 children continuously depending on me solely for everything and sometimes I get stuck. I don't know what to do, or say or how to explain what's going on right now and it saddens me deeply because I am all they have and they look up to me. Our lives were drastically changed a few months ago and today I am in a terrible place of instability, confusion and heartbreak. I pray and i pray for the strength to make it through this and i pray constantly for guidance and for peace and for Gods will to be done. Every single day is becoming more difficult than the previous and I am having horrible thoughts of the days to come. I know I am still blessed and I know the importance of always seeing good when the eye is blind but I also know that it's our trials that if we just hold onto our faith that will bring us to our testimony. I have faith, I have love, I have strength, and I have a relationship with God that will never be broken. What i have lost is hope, peace of mind, confidence in myself and my decisions, trust in others and my ability to pull us out of this dark place that we're in right now. I ask from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and undivided devotion when mentioning myself and my children in your prayers to God today, because only he really knows what we're going through and how to help us through it. Please lift us up to him with love today and join me in asking for his guidance and protection on this journey. Thank You 

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