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Date :   10-15-2018
Time :   12:30PM
Requester:  Erica Bullard
Topic  Prayer

Please pray for my me

Good Afternoon, I know I don't come to church likecI should, but I'm in need of prayer. I have a history of depression and now I have anxiety also that I take medicine for too. It just comes and goes, I wish that I could just be normal. I'm 43 and have never been married and can't be in a stable relationship to save my life. Sometimes it's me,but not most of the time. I want to be in a healthy monagoumus relationship with a man. Most of my friends are married or in relationships. I also wish that I was financially stable. I got a Bachelor's degree two yrs ago and have nothing to show for it. I can't even get a job in my field and or pay off my student loans that I owe 56k on. I stay in the bed all the time when I'm not working and I'm just not motivated to do much. Also my step sister is in the hospital, she has sacradosis and now needs a lung transplant. I pray every day for the most part thanking God and praying for the things I listed above. I do still feel blessed because some people actually have it worse then me. I just need someone to pray for me that everything will fall into place soon. I need prayer for strength and to know my worth and to stop being insecure. Thank you.

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