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Date :   01-08-2019
Time :   2:27PM
Requester:  Dionne
Topic  strength

I’m Losing My Faith

Hello!! To begin with,  I’m a 52 yr old woman . I have a huge family but my immediate family consists of 4 children, 6 grandkids, and 1 dog. I’m a family oriented person. I’m the person who everyone can come to with any situation. Over the past couple of yrs my life has spiraled out of control. I’ve gotten incarcerated twice, I got shot in the hand and recently lost my job. I’m constantly getting headaches, along with blurred vision. I’m not a bad person. I try to live a righteous live. I may not attend church on a regular basis but I believe in God He’s definitely the head of my life. My strength comes from my 16 yr old son who is an excellent student who is really trying hard to get a scholarship to college. I don’t hang out in the streets I don’t do drugs. I’m a single mother. I don’t bring random men home and I don’t sleep around. If u say you’re hungry, I’ll feed u. Yet, I can’t catch a break. Yea my good days outweigh my bad. But my bad days be detrimental. I understand God don’t put no more on your shoulders then u can handle, but I’M TIRED !!! Please Pray for me For Strengthening my soul !!! Amen !!!

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