SAFE Ministry

Mission Statement

The mission of the SAFE Ministry (Standing Against Abuse for Everyone) is to break the generational cycle of domestic violence.
SAFE provides a Christ-centered approach to supporting and empowering women and children who are confronting the issue of domestic violence in their lives.
We provide confidentiality, safety, counseling, education and referrals for abused women and their families.



Leader: Meisha Hill

Co Leader: LaTasha Unseld

Secretary/Treasurer: LaTonya Furdge

Social Media: Sonya Crawford


The objective of the Second Baptist Church Domestic Violence Ministry is to break the cycle of domestic violence by:
  1. Offering a Christ-centered, biblical approach to combating domestic violence within the family and the Church
  2. Providing support for women who are experiencing domestic violence
  3. Educating women, the Church and community regarding the dynamics of domestic violence and providing women with the necessary tools to break the cycle of violence and live healthy productive lives
  4. Provide educational resources to support pastoral care for women and their children dealing with domestic violence
  5. Educate teens, young adults and their parents regarding the issues of domestic violence within teen / young adult dating relationships.


Futures without violence Ambassador Toolkit:

Teen Dating Violence

Futures without Violence Ambassador Toolkit includes:

  • Discussion guides for film screenings and after school workshops.
  • Posters and handout materials.
  • Sample social media posts to share.
  • Videos and podcasts related to teen dating violence.
  • Scripts to use in your school’s drama club.


Family Planning Strategies for Safety during Isolation:

  1. Identify one friend  (abuser doesn’t know) who might be able to provide shelter in an emergency.
  2. Find a “safe room” away from all weapons and near a door or window in the home.
  3. Come up with code words to share with children to let them know discreetly get ready to flee.
  4. Learn digital ways to seek help and the online services available to assist with orders of protection remotely.