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It’s time for Summer fun! 

Beginning Thursday June 10th at 6PM to 7PM we’ll be meeting on Thursdays at SBC to ride bikes or learn how! Open to ages up to 12. Register here and get guidelines

Webmaster - Job Opportunity

Second Baptist Church of Elgin has been on the path to improve our social media presence within the community. As a result, we have many capabilities for outreach. We have made many strides and improvements in how we as a congregation communicate and receive information regarding our church and our activities. We have partnered with Flocknote to provide email and text messaging capabilities. We have moved from livestreaming on Facebook for our Sunday sermon message and have been using our church website. Lastly, we have worked as a team to move off of our old website and launched a very exciting and modern website for our church. In order to accomplish that, our webmaster, Marisha Telemaque has been key to leading the project and getting us to the finish line. The role of the webmaster is pivotal to our success as a church as this role contributes to maintaining the image of the church on our social media platforms.
Marisha has been a great support to SBC, however, she will no longer be available to fill the role in the near future. As a result, a great employment opportunity has come to the forefront for someone else. If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming an integral part of the day-to-day website content creation and maintenance activities that support and elevate the Kingdom-building legacy of SBC, then please consider responding to the Webmaster job posting.
If you have specific questions regarding the posting and your interest in applying for the job, please submit your resume and/or questions in writing, via email, to:

Highlights from the Judson Community Prayer Breakfast at Judson University on Monday, May 10, 2021. Pastor Parks and several SBC members attended. The keynote speaker was Mr. Jeff Miller, United Airlines Flight 232 Survivor. (Photo credit: Vladimir Telemaque)

The Food For Greater Elgin is seeking volunteers!

Please contact Lupe Salazar, if you are interested in volunteering in the community. Any number of hours are welcomed and you can work in a safe environment. Your help for those in need in Elgin is greatly appreciated.

Update your Membership Contact Info

SBC has a brand new communication service, Flocknote, that will allow the deacons, ministries, and the church to keep you up to date on current activities and changes via e-mail and text. Click here to update your contact information so you never miss important messages.

Tithes and Offering Update

Any members submitting tithes and offering via Zelle, please update the username/recipient to Thank you for Giving.

Sister Circle

Calling all women to join the Library Ministry’s Sister Circle. Sister Circle is a women’s book club with a focus on building community among women of God founded on biblical principles. Supporting the church’s vision of living and learning together. Click here to join the group to get updated information.

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